Day 194 of Project 365: Flighter

Although a pen from the ’70s isn’t quite vintage, it is still a welcome addition to my collection. Meet the Flighter Parker "25", a sturdy and serviceable low-end pen with a steel nib that writes just as nicely as a Lamy. I used it extensively today to finish a letter I’ve been writing to a friend in San Francisco for the past … several months. How embarrassing! I will finally mail it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 194 of Project 365: Flighter

  1. Perhaps it’s good that it isn’t vintage. One of my future heirlooms (in the sense of “it’s part of my future inheritance, may it be a long time coming!”) is a fountain pen belonging to my great-grandfather, dating back to I believe the First World War. Writing with it is an ordeal: it’s finicky, difficult and cantankerous. I’ll keep my Lamys and my Namikis. It’s a beautiful display piece, though.


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