Day 203 of Project 365: Then the thing that grows

Our dear Lord Hermiston took a break from his busy days to visit us, and today we went to the National Portrait Gallery. It houses an astounding collection, and I am already plotting another trip back to see more of it.

Although a few people had told me about the brilliance of Ken Currie’s "Three Oncologists" I did not expect to be moved to tears upon seeing it in person. It is simultaneously disturbing and comforting. Cancer is as close as I can imagine to evil, a pervasive fungus that has devoured my family tree. My reaction to the portrait plunged both despair and hope that grow in equal measure.

Photographs were not allowed in the gallery, so today’s shot is the quiet at the Vaults before the dinner crowd arrived. I am not a visual artist, so this is my meagre offering: the light, then the thing that grows, in this moment they do not die.

One thought on “Day 203 of Project 365: Then the thing that grows

  1. I always love you. Sometimes, I love you so much that I want to squeeze your beautiful head until it pops.


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