Day 321 of Project 365: Dumas

Still stuck on that report. Sometimes it helps to write longhand. When I am really feeling bad about the state of the brainmeats, I break out the fancy ink. This is a limited edition Noodler’s run for the Fountain Pen Network called Dumas Tulipe Noire. It is almost exactly #330033.

Day 321 of Project 365: Dumas

The ink doesn’t make me anywhere near as clever as Dumas, but it makes the flailing bearable. To see how the ink looks on the page, read my ink test from a couple of years ago.

gratitude: planning my trip to the States for commencement this December · a not-bad 3km run on still-sore legs · taking a study break to play a quick hand of “Murder of Crows” with FunkyPlaid and Yaj

3 thoughts on “Day 321 of Project 365: Dumas

  1. Yesterday I hit a block and found myself staring at a blank page or off into space. Alas, I am lacking in swanky ink and pens to inspire me. Finally I rotated my notebook 90 degrees (to landscape) and started writing a very slim column at the rightmost edge.

    Something about writing in a non-standard way gave me permission to start brain dumping rather than spinning my wheels wondering what to write. I stopped before the column reached the end of the page then filled the rest of page and two more with thoughts which came from the dump.

  2. I’m so glad it helped! I’ve tried it again with less success but it’s definitely a strategy I’m going to keep in my bag of tricks.

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