Day 335 of Project 365: Séance Fiction

I have something to tell you.

I almost told you a few weeks ago, but chickened out. I’ve been hinting at it for months.

Soon after I arrived in Edinburgh last year, I attended the spoken-word performance “Better Read Than Dead” by Writers’ Bloc. Seeing the show confirmed everything that FunkyPlaid had been telling me about Writers’ Bloc for many years: they were amazing, and someday I wanted to perform with them.

Next week, I get my someday. (It is, I hope, the first of many somedays.)

Writers’ Bloc presents
Séance Fiction: an evening of literary necromancy
7-10pm, Wednesday, 31 October 2012, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh
[Facebook Event]

Day 335 of Project 365: Séance Fiction

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  1. I can finally go on public record with my congratulations! Knock ’em un-dead, ma’am.

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