Day 341 of Project 365: Troubled Sleep

Lately my sleep has been troubled. Stress does this to many of us, so it is no surprise. I keep having nightmares about my life reset to six years ago, robbing me of many wonderful moments and successes. So I avoid going to bed, but succumb to sleep and the nightmares anyway.

Tonight I am trying out herbal sleep-aid capsules that contain valerian, passion flower, and hops, which I just misspelled as ‘hopes’.

Day 341 of Project 365: Troubled Sleep

gratitude: hopes, not misspelled · receiving my info packet for my first 10K · being on the radio today!

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  1. Hormonal fluxes at our age can also cause this. Another recommendation is taking a magnesium supplement with dinner. You’ll find a nice sleep and it also helps muscles, etc. sweet dreams ‘sted.

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