Day 345 of Project 365: Stylish

Before my feelings about Kickstarter became so mixed, I backed a few projects. The tangible product of one of these arrived yesterday, and today I spent some quality time with it and my iPad.

Meet the HAND Stylus.

Day 345 of Project 365: Stylish

I wanted the HAND Stylus mainly for the retractable tip, because I like being able to toss a stylus in a bag and not worry about it getting ruined. But the shape of it is so much like a proper mechanical pencil and the tip is so small that my handwritten notes in Penultimate were actually legible. I also tested the HAND stylus with some pencil and watercolour doodling in Paper, and it performed excellently. Using the HAND Stylus as a generic pointing device is pleasant, as well, because of its solid yet light construction. So yes, I have been using it to play Tiny Tower. Guilty as charged.

The HAND Stylus and iPad won’t replace my fountain pens and paper just yet, but I sure do love living in the future.

gratitude: the safety and health of my East Coast friends riding out super-storm Sandy · hearing FunkyPlaid’s awed mutterings over Assassin’s Creed III · the timing of my cold, which arrived today instead of any earlier this week

4 thoughts on “Day 345 of Project 365: Stylish

    1. O good! I didn’t even know you used a stylus. Do many people use them? I keep thinking that they’re some sort of fancy-person tool, but I guess in the world of tablets they’re pretty standard.

      1. I don’t use one often, but I can’t tell if that’s because I’m not a stylus person, or because my first stylus sucks. The new one is here and I already like it better in Paper.

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