Day 357 of Project 365: Unravel

Day 357 of Project 365: Unraveling

I’m barely keeping up with everything, and my immune system has cracked under the strain of it all. I took a little break to knit a few rows of this sleeve and calm down, but the calm didn’t last.

Day 357 of Project 365: Unravel

The worst part is that I have grown quite resentful for how much I have been covering for other people in my courses because I don’t feel like anyone is covering for me in return. I send out tons of email and spend hours doing more than my fair share of group work, and get almost nothing back. It’s disheartening. And I’m sick and sad and need help.

gratitude: cap, gown, hood, and tassel have been ordered · commencement tickets have been set aside · this feeling can’t last forever

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8 thoughts on “Day 357 of Project 365: Unravel

  1. You have just a little ways to go and so you should soldier on. If you don’t maintain your stratight A average then that’s the way life is. when I gave out group assignements rare indeed was the group that did not have a “freerider problem.” I did not encourage students to flip on the delinquents but if one did I considered the source and took it under advisement. there were ways I could reward and punish.

    in any case, do the best you can; don’t crush yourself in the process and in less than three weeks you are a grad-yew-ate!

  2. I get sick when I get angry. I have discovered that if I can vent that anger someplace (move all cats and humans to safety) I improve quickly. Also, a nice dark mood feels just right, quickly followed by something warm and wonderful like a nice cuppa tea; or if they are not too afraid to return, a cat or human cuddle and sleep.

    1. Of course we’re a lot alike. I tried to exorcise most of my resentment today. Tomorrow calls for a long run and a bubble bath, perhaps.

  3. Only a few short weeks to go. Stick with it and soon it will be over and you can be pleased that you didn’t let yourself down.

    Cuppa always on offer if you need a break or a rant.

  4. I sympathize. I empathize! I’m not very full of advice but I hope you’re able to enjoy the sweet breath of release in a few weeks.

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