Day 358 of Project 365: Looking Forward To

One of the things I have been looking forward to doing, post-graduation, is spending more time playing a game called Glitch. Over the past two years I have played it when I have the time, which isn’t often, but it is just the kind of game I enjoy, a massively multiplayer environment with plenty of surreal and amusing puzzles and projects to do and share. I was developing some of my own ideas in Glitch, too, like creating a public library system (big surprise there) and organising subway parties (another shocker) among other things.

Today I found out that Glitch is closing the day after I graduate.

That’s all I’ve got right now. That and this weird photo of my desk I took in Percolator.

Day 358 of Project 365: Looking Forward

gratitude: Tiny Speck for all their hard work on such a wonderful game · all the great players I got to know · my favourite game character, The Rube, whose theme music is my phone’s ringtone

6 thoughts on “Day 358 of Project 365: Looking Forward To

  1. It’s disappointing that Glitch is closing, but as I wrote, I had been questioning the point of it all. I was setting mini-goals for myself within the game, but it had become more of a habit than a Fun Game.

    I read the notice that morning but it didn’t really sink in until I was on the bus heading to werk. That’s when I decided to play out until I reached Level 50 (about 10 minutes of playing) and then give everything away. Sending you, Dewa, and BachJess keys to my house and all my currants, and emptying out my SDBs of food in my tower (and leaving them in front of the house) was a very freeing exercise.

    I’m still pondering my big take-away from playing Glitch. It was an interesting experience, fun at times, but I’m not sure I’d do it again.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I feel completely different about it, so this was a huge blow for me. I will write more about the specifics later.

      1. I never ‘got’ SecondLife for much the same reason…

        How many RL friends did you have in Glitch/have in SL?

        I’m curious because now I’m not entirely sure now why I don’t ‘get’ either of them. I have many online friends who I’ve never met in RL — and they’re all people whom I met through some interactive forum (LJ, for example) where we either shared a common interest (photography, mostly) and/or were friends-of-friends.

        And what is it about both Glitch and SL that make them so meaningful for you (and FunkyPlaid)?

          1. Not a problem! I deleted parts of my original (second) reply because I was unable to resolve some internal contradictions about the games and how I’ve made friends online.

            I hope we can continue the discussion later. Meanwhile, show those deadlines who’s boss!

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