A Timeline of Future Events from The Awl

In my G+ stream today, I was delighted to see A Timeline of Future Events from The Awl. (These are all events from novels and short stories, but there is also a timeline from films.) My favourite? 2050: “All human technology is destroyed.” I might be a little tired of information policy right now, though.

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3 thoughts on “A Timeline of Future Events from The Awl

  1. without trying to be overly pedantic with the obliteration of technology you have the obliteration of humanity. frankly, I’d miss email as would, I presume, contributors to The Awl.

    1. That was just a personal opinion of mine. The line is taken from a speculative fiction story. It’s not meant to be a commentary on anything that anyone would _want_ to happen.

  2. What a great analogy. I feel the same way. Straddling both digital and analog, new media and get your hands dirty, painting. I will miss this project, but I am so glad you are keeping going with new posts. I look forward to hear about your future endeavors. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I am very thankful to know you and would love to meet up one day. Whether in San Fran or Scotland. Although I’d prefer Scotland..LOL Take care!!!

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