A year in first lines.

This meme again? Well, sure. I’ve hit that middle portion of Holidailies where I have ideas but no energy to execute them. So here’s my 2013 in my first lines, minus book reviews and link reblogs.

My second 5K race is tomorrow.

The noise of traffic just outside our window was so much louder than usual, a steady, slick pulse over the rasp of the rain.

Week two of the flu has been in turns frustrating and depressing.

The second phase of adjustment to expat life has been harder.

Normally I try to keep the rants to a minimum here, although arguably this is the one place on the Internet I can guiltlessly rant until my fingers run out of steam.

Hello. I am still here. June is the kind of busy that makes my eyebrows hurt, but 90% of it is wonderful busy, like spending time with my mom.

The summer has been so hectic that I forgot to fundraise (or even mention, really) this Sunday’s 10K race.

Writers’ Bloc returns to the Edinburgh International Book Festival for a special event with John Lemke and Poppy Ackroyd.

Fringe shows attended: 8.

(Nothing, so you get a link that fascinated me today.)

Um, yikes. And hello. September and October sped by because we moved house and I got a job.

Now I’ve fooled around with MarsEdit for so long I don’t have much time to write before midnight.

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2 thoughts on “A year in first lines.

  1. As I was looking at this, I thought “Oh geez, I would have a lot of blanks months,” so it was kind of comforting to get to the later months and find out I wouldn’t be alone in that. 🙂

    I particularly liked June–I’ve definitely had that eyebrow-hurting busyness.

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