Fifty-fifty-fifty and burning all your money.

So I’m drifting on a sea of sadness and the only way I know how to get out of it is to shove this “too busy for [thing I like to do]” stupidity off the raft.

Last year I didn’t read many books or see many films, so this year I’m aiming to consume 50 of each. Throw your favourites at me in the comments.

And today I decided to add another goal onto that: I want 50 rejection letters for my writing. I’d rather get 50 acceptances, of course, but rejection means I’m submitting stories which means I’m writing stories which means I’m doing what I love. I’ll be tallying it up on my fiction page if you want to follow along.

Yesterday I finished the first draft of my story for Bloc’s show in the Edinburgh International Science Festival. As per usual, my first idea completely morphed into something else. It’s become a pattern: the first idea is the cocoon that turns into the butterfly. Or, in my case, the slipstream moth.

My Bloc pal Bram a/k/a Texture is always creating interesting, evocative stuff. He announced his new poetry video a few weeks ago but I just made the mental space to sit down and appreciate it. I was mesmerised. Tell me what you think. And please share it if you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Fifty-fifty-fifty and burning all your money.

  1. Melissa Mencotti

    Good for you, sweetie. I’m sorry that you’re feeling bluesy. Totally agree with your cure! Love you.


  2. mooms

    Texture is mezmerizing. I love the mash-up of hip-hop, poetry, music, video, stills, screen fades, etc. Nice treatment of taking the money as a metaphor for meaning in our post-capitalist society. I’m gonna watch it again.


  3. Books: Dear Dead Person or Headless, short story collections, both by Benjamin Weissman. He was my writing teacher in college and I think he’s the greatest. Someone I can’t help but want to emulate as a writer and a person. He also told me to read The History of Luminous Motion by Scott Bradfield which is one of my favorite books: creepy, dreamy, psychotic, beautiful.

    Movies: hoping to suggest something you might not have considered—No Such Thing directed by Hal Hartly. Don’t let the cover/poster images give you any expectation—it’s not a gothic horror movie. It’s a lovely quirky allegory set in Iceland. But do expect stilted performances which is Hartly’s style.

    I watched Upstream Color recently which I thought was an amazingly original story, and the way it’s filmed could be considered “difficult”, but I thought it was captivating and very strange.

    Finally, Take Shelter is a gorgeous, emotionally intense film.

    Please let me know what you think of any of these if you choose them!


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