Day 3 of Project 365: That view.

2016-01-03 16.25.26

If you ever have to leave a place, I hope that right before you go, someone visits you. I hope that someone visits you and that the someone is still full of wonder and excitement about travel, about newness, about being surprised by a glimpse of a city.

Just like our guest was surprised today as we led him out of Waverley and into this city we will soon leave.

Fitting, really, that of all of the photos I took today it’d be this one that I ended up liking the best. Not the ones of the castle, or of the holiday market just about to close, or of the Royal Mile.

This one isn’t even a good photo, but it evokes the mood I feel whenever I get to lead someone out of Waverley. That first glimpse, bending into something you know is going to result in a breathless noise, not quite a word but its approach.

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2 thoughts on “Day 3 of Project 365: That view.

  1. Yep, never tire of that first view of of the place. Daughter and Heiress is currently choosing between courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh: in terms of location, there just isn’t a contest (sorry, any Weegies reading this!

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