Day 17 of Project 365: At the heart.

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

At dinner with dear friends tonight the subject of friendship came up, and I was startled to realise that I have no definition for it. Maybe I never did. I know a lot less about life than I thought I did when I started keeping this journal. That fascinates me: I’ve lived for eighteen years longer than the me who started doing this, and I have barely figured anything out.

At least I have much nicer pens. (Right, and I have terrific friends. I meant to mention the friends first. Obviously.)

What is your definition of friendship?

Writing from: a soon-to-be dishevelled lounge in Edinburgh. Listening to: “Coastal Love” by HONNE.

2 thoughts on “Day 17 of Project 365: At the heart.

  1. Friendship is when you love and respect someone too much to allow them to cripple themselves with their own bullshit.

    Lots of people will call you on your bullshit; what makes a friend different is _why_ they’re calling you on it.

  2. ^^^ i like and generally agree with this (though definitions of bullshit can vary wildly). i think also friendship involves some understanding and respect for boundaries — great friends don’t have to have everything in common, as long as they treat their differences with thought and care. and, for me, healthy friendship involves honesty.

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