Day 19 of Project 365: Now and Zen.

Processed with VSCOcam with q4 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with q4 preset

One of the best things about moving is discovering treasures I thought I had lost. Today I discovered a packet of photos — real honest-to-goodness printed-on-paper photos — of this strange little being who came to live with me almost nineteen years ago. I felt the urge to take a “then and now” pic to share with you.

In the old photo, four-month-old Zen was in mid-stride, hence the blurriness. (This is the least blurry shot of them all.) Tonight, there is no striding, only contented dozing in front of the fire.

I am incredibly fortunate to have such a long history with this creature, and so happy to be reunited with these old photos.

Writing from: an altogether cluttered lounge in Edinburgh. Listening to: the soft hiss of the gas fireplace.

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