Day 54 of Project 365: Birthday treats.

2016-02-23 20.49.10-1

Right now I am so sated that I am having a difficult time coming up with something to write. We just got home after dinner at le Bistro Montage where I had gluten-free mac and cheese with roasted garlic and bacon. Mac and cheese is my favorite comfort food, and this version was particularly excellent.

I love my birthday. I always have, ever since I could remember, and aging hasn’t dampened that at all for me. I’m proudly one year older because it means I still get to go on adventures and write more stories and spend time with wonderful humans like you. Yes, you!

FunkyPlaid took a photo of me today that is one of the me-est photos ever taken, so it is today’s bonus photo.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. ❤ They made my day!

Writing from: a cozy living-room in Portland. Listening to: Spotify’s “Electronic Concentration” playlist.

2 thoughts on “Day 54 of Project 365: Birthday treats.

  1. Portland has some amazing GF options as I recall. I have memories of the most amazing chocolate cupcake there made from black bean. Sounds weird, but wasn’t.

    Happy Birthday! It is great when people can look forward to their birthdays as milestones in moments of experience and the opportunity to do and experience more. I’ve been feeling weird about my impending birthday, so I am going to use you as a role model here. Also, you’re ageing rather more slowly than the average, I’d say, so many happy returns!

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