Day 81 of Project 365: Two sunsets.

2016-03-21 23.24.45.jpg

I adore Noodler’s Apache Sunset. Orange ink isn’t usually my thing but today’s Goulet Pens blog post inspired me to compare how the ink performs in two different pens.

Because the Pilot VP medium nib doesn’t put as much ink on the page as the fine nib on the Pelikan M320 does, the shading is more subtle. I’m enjoying how deep the orange gets with the Pelikan, though. Plus the colors of the pen itself fit more with the “sunset” theme.

Writing from: my makeshift study in the dining-room. Listening to: Maxine the refrigerator buzz and chug.

4 thoughts on “Day 81 of Project 365: Two sunsets.

  1. I have loved burnt orange (and variations) seemingly forever. It’s warm, distinctive, reassuring with a touch of the bittersweet.

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  2. Have you ever tried Noodler’s Cayenne? That’s an interesting mix of orange-y reddish yellowish color, and I’m becoming a big fan of orange lately. Something about it is warm and inviting. Makes me think of summer, my favorite time of year.

    1. Yes, I love Noodler’s Cayenne! It’s got some great shading as well. Unfortunately, my bottle of Cayenne is packed right now, and I’m not sure when it will arrive … soon, soon.

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