Day 98 of Project 365: Over eighty.

2016-04-07 16.04.35.jpg

It was well over eighty degrees in Portland today. Also over eighty? Zen! According to this chart, she’s 92 in human years now. Aside from a bit of chronic kidney disease (common in older cats) her new vet reports that she is in great health. She is obviously loving all the sunshine in her new home.

Writing from: my makeshift study in the dining-room. Listening to: a bunch of theories about which character was killed off in the season six finale of “The Walking Dead” and trying to decide how much I care about the answer. (Ugh, what a disappointing show that has become.)

5 thoughts on “Day 98 of Project 365: Over eighty.

  1. Sweet Zen, did you get her as a kitten? I’m glad she’s in good health. I had four older cats with kidney disease and gave each of them water injections to help flush the kidneys.

  2. Hi Halsted, nice you’ve had Zen all these years! yes the water did help them feel better and live longer. Cats with kidney disease gets dehydrated because their bodies tries to get rid of toxins by urination, so they need lots of water. Injections are easy to do and inexpensive if you do it yourself and get the supplies at the local pharmacy instead of the vet.

  3. I had to give the Fatman the injections for a summer — it was pretty easy, esp with two people. He didn’t seem to mind, really, and honestly seemed relieved. He was only 80 in human years then lol — he hits cat 21/human 100 next month!

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