Day 120 of Project 365: Home cooking.


2016-04-29 19.34.55-1

Tonight I finally made dinner in our new kitchen! It’s smaller than our last one, but no less serviceable. I made chicken and chorizo paella, which we had with balsamic-dressed salad, and for dessert I baked dark-chocolate chip cookies.

It feels good to be cooking at home again.

Writing from: my study. Listening to: “Sycamore & Sand” by Art of Fighting.

4 thoughts on “Day 120 of Project 365: Home cooking.

  1. Ah, if I’d known you were a paella fan I could’ve given you some of the spice I got in Merida last year. Mind you, it set off the alarms at Madrid airport, so might not have been worth bringing into the US…!


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