Day 174 of Project 365: Walkability.

I enjoy unwinding from an intense day filled with “how do I do this thing that I normally know how to do but don’t yet know how to do in this context” with this walk to the bus.

I didn’t see any ROUSes, but while I was distracted by hummingbirds I was almost mowed down by a cyclist listening to loud country music. Ah, nature.

2016-06-22 17.04.54-2.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Day 174 of Project 365: Walkability.

  1. Bicyclists are a bane in my asteroid. Whether driving in Portland or walking multi-use trails with Vic I have the urge to delay them from their self-anointed destinations with a well placed and oh so gently lobbed hand grenade.

    I detest it when they whiz past you with no warning. Be it a lowly Schwin Meridian or a 2015 Blue AC1 SL Dura Ace 9070 DI2 – put a bell on it you self-absorbed bastards!

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