Day 215 of Project 365: Giants and forests.

Every few months I do that thing where I attempt to restrict myself to reading only one book at a time and that lasts exactly four seconds because I work in a library.

I’m pretty jazzed about my currently-reading pile right now, which has plenty of interesting non-fiction plus two novels I am very excited about: “Forest of Memory” by Mary Robinette Kowal and “The Giant Smugglers” by Matt Solomon and Chris Pauls.

2016-08-02 23.12.43.jpg

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7 thoughts on “Day 215 of Project 365: Giants and forests.

  1. Have just finished Sarah Winman’s “When God was a Rabbit” which I really enjoyed

  2. Collaborative novels? I thought there was a rule against that sort of thing. Whatever next?

    Having more than one book on the go at any one time is the way to go. Onne for bedtime; another for the commute; one on the john. If you are lucky enough to have several current books that you are enjoying then carry on.

    Reading has fallen off a cliff in our household since the weans turned up. I used to read on the train but I have been driving to work for convenience and time. And then when I’m at home I’m either always holding a baby or I’m knackered and just go to sleep. For some reason, however, I keep buying books. And I’m already thinking I’ll have to pick up this Pauls and Solomon collaboration and check it is not a hoax.

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