Day 226 of Project 365: Ginger the Cat.

Today FunkyPlaid and I hung out with Ginger the Cat, keeping her company while also keeping cool during this nasty little heatwave. She allowed me to snap this photo.

2016-08-13 13.26.27-2.jpg

We also test-drove some cars (not with Ginger). The test-driving was fun, but the rest of it just sucked. I cannot wait until the whole car-buying process can be done online. Come on, future.

Writing from: my stuffy study. Listening to: “Palo Alto” by Southern Shores.

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2 thoughts on “Day 226 of Project 365: Ginger the Cat.

  1. Is it dealing with sales people that you don’t like? Most people don’t. Unless you buy used from private party you will have to deal with some version of sales. Even if it was automated someone is setting initial and subsequent price quotes. be it face to face or hiding behind a computer display


  2. She is very beautiful and obviously is asking you a question. Perhaps – where’s my mommy?

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