Day 232 of Project 365: World Photo Day.

Happy World Photo Day! I’m celebrating by noodling around a bit with dried hydrangea flowers and Hipstamatic. There are so many cool photo apps out there now, but Hipstamatic is still one of my favorites.

File Aug 19, 21 18 00.jpeg

Writing from: my sweltering study. Listening to: “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins. I’m not sold on this audiobook thing, but I’m trying.

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One thought on “Day 232 of Project 365: World Photo Day.

  1. Beautiful image, I love the crumpled frailty of the flower.

    I am a fan of audiobooks but only very specific ones. I think it really depends on what the book is and who is reading it. I love listening to Lord of the Rings, read by Rob Inglis, but I can’t stand the Silmarillion, read by Martin Shaw. The person reading the book is an important part of the experience rather than the means to an end.

    Similarly, I think adventure and fantasy books make for better audiobooks than real world dramas. Something about how hearing the strange words spoken helps the world come alive (I’m thinking really of Harry Potter, read by Stephen Fry).

    Nonetheless, I hear The Girl on the Train is really good so I hope it’s living up to the hype 🙂

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