Day 271 of Project 365: Book Darts.

As part of an ongoing attempt to wrangle my ever-growing task list, I have been searching for a simple way to earmark important tasks that may get buried in the Bullet Journal format. Then I remembered Book Darts, little pieces of paper-thin metal that slide onto the edge of a page.

2016-09-27 19.19.25.jpg

Every morning, I slip a Book Dart next to each of the day’s three Most Important Tasks. Book Darts slide on easily and don’t budge, even on thin Tomoe River paper, until I slide them off again. Simple, reusable, and elegant.

Writing from: my study in Portland, Oregon. Listening to: “Reunite” by Isbells.

2 thoughts on “Day 271 of Project 365: Book Darts.

  1. That is a good idea, and much more flexible than the asterisks I have been using. Also, is that dot grid Tomoe River paper? Nerding out on your stationary, here. 🙂 I like the paper in the Midori inserts, but I prefer a dot grid.

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