Day 366 of Project 365: Last snap.

As 2016 ends, so does this round of Project 365. I am relieved on both counts, although I will miss how the act of sharing a daily photo kept me connected with faraway loved ones. Thank you for being here; your presence meant a lot to me during this very challenging year.

I’m excited to refocus my creative energies on my writing in 2017, but I’ll keep sharing here from time to time. Stick around.

I hope that your 2017 is filled with enough light to see through the darkness.

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Writing from: my study in Portland, Oregon. Listening to: the Song Exploder episode about Justin Hurwitz’s “La La Land”.

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3 thoughts on “Day 366 of Project 365: Last snap.

  1. Will miss your daily updates Halsted. Here’s hoping 2017 will turn out better than we’re perhaps anticipating! Happy New Year! x

  2. It’s been a pleasure to read your daily updates, ‘sted. I’m sure there are good things ahead for all of us in 2017 – we may just have to look for them more…

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