Pas de deux.


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When the autumn rains start, I spend a lot of time looking down at the ground, looking for droplets on fallen leaves, watching out for slugs and worms.

Sometimes I’ll talk myself out of a photograph because it doesn’t seem interesting enough, and then I’ll stop right in the middle of a parking lot and turn around, go back, crouch down and snap a photo.

I’m constantly arguing with myself:

Don’t add more pointless fluff to the world.

But what if the world needs a little pointless fluff to even out all of the heavy stuff?

Well, here it is, whatever it is. I need to stop stopping myself, and just post.

7 thoughts on “Pas de deux.

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  2. Jan

    I can relate to what you said. I am always arguing with myself and I have no idea who wins all these arguments!! But you reminded me I need to start carrying my camera with me!

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