I left something in San Francisco.

Maybe it was my heart. No, my heart was there, for a time, spread out in beating chunks across the hills and Muni lines and friends and restaurants and libraries and moments I thought I would never survive and the moon so full reflected on Ocean Beach. San Francisco, you taught me what it meant... Continue Reading →

It’s My Phone

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Hawk and I went to Anchor & Hope for dinner. It was a wonderful evening: we crossed off #48 on 7x7's 2010 Big Eat SF list, plus I told a story that made Hawk laugh. He mentioned that I might want to lead with the story next time.... Continue Reading →


The dead woman's refrigerator is in the space between our buildings. I call her the dead woman although I admit I am guessing. A few weeks ago, a couple I did not recognize stopped while opening the door to her flat and asked me if I knew her. I didn't, so I said no, and... Continue Reading →


She met him while jogging at the beach. "Met" was a small word to use for it; in her memories, that day would always be four or five syllables, not just one bitter bite. He was at the beach first -- she did not know how long and never will -- and she walked up... Continue Reading →

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