podcast #9: pinging the universe

In this episode, Matt and I discuss Facebook and Twitter. I also misuse the word "demographic", overuse the words "literally" and "honestly", and make up a whole new word -- "foresaw" for the past tense of "foresee".  There, now I don't have to tweet about it! We graciously accept requests for future topics, so leave a... Continue Reading →

podcast #8: the end? of print, part 2

In part 2 of our query into the end of print, Matt and I discuss books, e-books, libraries, the Kindle (timely!) and my iPhone snobbery. Matt busts out with the phrase "the democratization of distribution" which is merely one of the reasons why he is so awesome. I eagerly await our listener Ned's comments on... Continue Reading →

podcast #8: the end? of print, part 1

Matt and I talk about the end (question mark) of print in this episode of "... and scene". We had a lot to say about the topic, so this podcast comes in two installments. The first is about the fate of the newspaper. Tune in next week for the second! Download Episode #8 Part 1... Continue Reading →

podcast #7: sequels

After our "creative hiatus" of over two years, Matt is not rusty, but I sure am. In this episode, he is charming and funny, while I am bitter and annoying. My opinions on vampire novels are sure to alienate the whole family! Don't miss this! Download Episode #7 | Subscribe with iTunes

and scene

Once upon a time, two friends decided to podcast.  The subject: nothing in particular. The result: "... and scene." They took a ridiculously long hiatus for no apparent reason. But now it's 2009, and a new episode has just been recorded ... Be prepared for this momentous occasion by subscribing to the podcast feed via... Continue Reading →

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