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When I was four years old, I wrote a story about a giant rabbit with no eyes or mouth that haunted my dreams.

The rabbit went away, but I kept writing.

Stories I enjoy reading and writing are the ones that skulk around the edges of themes and genres — stories with puzzles and patterns and hints rather than answers.

My formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in the structure and culture of the English language as well as a master’s degree in library and information science. Informally, I taught myself how to whistle like a train.

I live in Portland with my husband, our cat, a few gadgets, several fountain pens, and many books. [More?]

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On the Page


NaNoWriMo 2015 Winner The Head of a Peasant Woman
National Novel Writing Month, November 2015
I wrote a story that explored relationships at the intersection of virtual environments and the real world.
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Interactive Fiction

Departures Departures
Twiny Jam, April 2015
A brief interactive story about the ways we leave.
Jam requirements: 300 words or less.
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Short Stories

Bowl of hearts. Leftovers
Edinburgh International Book Festival, Story Shop 2014
“Today, for the shallots, tuna, and beans — an unremarkable plating in a career of unremarkable food — she would flavour it with the memory of the first time she realised she was alone.”
[ Read online & listen to excerpt · Blog post ]

InnsmouthMagazine2014_Issue15 Paper Turtles
Innsmouth Magazine, Issue 15
“I liked the shop because of this cleanliness, this closed-loop recycling of physical and psychic energy. But every once in a while, the spirit of something bigger, like a cat or a dog, would wander in.”
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365:10 Your Hands
Map Literary, Spring 2014
“You learn to sleep in fits and starts, waking from faceless dreams with your nails at your elbow, attempting to break new skin with vicious scratching.”
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Day 117 of Project 365: The Kettle and I The Kettle and I
Bewildering Stories, Issue 471
“He slides us a pouch through the metal door in the counter that contains the room chip, the pad loaded with end-of-life documents, the packet of tea to be brewed.”
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sad pink skeletons Sternum and Coccyx
Impetus! 2008
“Sternum pushed herself on the swing, toes light on the worn floorboards. Her smile was smug, but she draped a doily of charity over it.”
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Talons With Talons
Poem Memoir Story, Issue Four
A pantoum about a suffocating relationship.
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Blog Posts

Guest posts

For Cat Rambo’s blog “The World Remains Mysterious”:
Critiques, Counts, and Quests: Motivational Tools for Writers

poll: your favorite and least favorite words On
Occasionally I write about writing. So meta!
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On the Stage

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Past Events

Blind Poetics Blind Poetics
Featured Reader
14 December 2015

William McGonagall Captain’s Bar presents
Tribute to William Topaz McGonagall
with Gavin Inglis and others
29 September 2015

Venus in Orbit Tribute to Venus Carmichael presents
Venus in Orbit
19 September 2015
The White Horse Bar, Edinburgh

Book Fest 2015 Jura Unbound presents
Illicit Ink‘s Happily Never After
25 August 2015
Edinburgh International Book Festival
[ More photos ]

Venus: The Lost Tapes Tribute to Venus Carmichael presents
Venus: The Lost Tapes
24 April 2015
The White Horse Bar, Edinburgh

RLSDay 2014 Edinburgh City of Literature presents
#RLSDay 2014: Stevenson Unbound
13 November 2014
(a special guest of Andrew C. Ferguson)

Illicit Ink Underground: Technobabble Illicit Ink presents
5 October 2014
[ More photos ]

edinburgh-international-book-festival-2014-header City of Literature Trust’s Story Shop 2014
Edinburgh International Book Festival
13 August 2014

Venus Returns Tribute to Venus Carmichael presents
Venus Returns
10 August 2014
Cortado Café, Edinburgh

P1200262 Planet Scotland
Satellite 4 (Eastercon)
20 April 2014
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Writers' Bloc: The Culture Collider Writers’ Bloc presents
The Culture Collider
Edinburgh International Science Festival
13 April 2014
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unnatural-scotland Writers’ Bloc presents
The Year of Unnatural Scotland
30 October 2013

Unbound - Writers Bloc Jura Unbound presents
John Lemke and Poppy Ackroyd with Writers’ Bloc
Edinburgh International Book Festival
14 August 2013
[ More photos ]

Illicit Ink: This Side of Paradise Illicit Ink presents
This Side of Paradise: A spoken-word utopia in honour of Iain M. Banks
7 July 2013
[ More photos ]

NFFD_size_is_everything Illicit Ink, Inky Fingers, and Writers’ Bloc present
Size IS Everything: National Flash Fiction Day 2013
22 June 2013

First Bloc Writers’ Bloc presents
Séance Fiction
31 October 2012

underword: flash fiction Underword presents
National Flash Fiction Day 2012
16 May 2012
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In Phonic

Here are some recordings of me reading my poetry.

I also enjoy collaborating with other writers and musicians on their work.

In Training

I was a slush reader for Clarkesworld Magazine from October 2011 to June 2013. It was an astounding learning experience, and one I recommend highly.

I also recommend these writing workshops that I have taken.

Photo credit: Chris Scott.

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