Games are an intrinsic part of my life, providing me with both wisdom and entertainment. I strive to be an excellent gamer, and by that I mean I strive to fully experience the game itself, not obsess over my success or failure at it.

In 1992, I logged into a MUD variant called MUCK, and I have been involved with them ever since. MUCKs are more virtual reality than games, in my opinion, so my musings on them and on Second Life get their own page.

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Despite some desultory forays into turn-based games on BBSes, I didn’t really play games online until Game Neverending. Soon after that I played Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest II, World of Warcraft, The Lord of the Rings Online, and the glorious world of Glitch (RIP). Occasionally I can be bothered to play mobile games too.

I still consider Myst to be the best video game of all time.

So far as board games, my favorite is still Scrabble, as it is a puzzle game based on words that can be as simple or as complex as you make it. It is both an addiction and a sentimental habit. I made a friend once by posting to alabama.birmingham.general, looking for Scrabble players. Her name is Rebecca, and together we created the Birmingham Boardgamers, which I hear is still going strong. Lest you think I am some sort of Scrabble genius, I am not rated, nor have I competed in any tournaments. But I do remember my best bingo to date, which was BANJOES.

Second only to Scrabble is Qwirkle, which has key similarities but is quite different and challenging on other levels I enjoy deeply.

Chess is another favorite. It is infinitely complex, fascinating, and fun. While I lived in Birmingham, I enjoyed playing with my friend Freeman, who is an excellent chess teacher. I probably should use my account someday.

My newest game obsession is geocaching, an activity that blends puzzle-solving, mapping and hiking into both simple and complex adventures, depending on the experience you would like.

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Alone, I like puzzles of all sorts, especially sudoku and crossword puzzles.

Last but never least, I love role-playing games. Fiasco is my new favorite, but I will play any system with the right GM. I also enjoy “guest-starring” in my friends’ games as NPCs. The pinnacle of my RPG career was a one-shot that Erick Wujcik ran at Gamescape North shortly before he died. He was, in short, astounding.

Photo credit: FunkyPlaid. (I’m playing Qwirkle at Gamescape North.)