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I love the game, the world, the phenomenon of Glitch. Here are the top Glitch-related resources organised by Dewey Decimal class because I am a library school student and also a little silly.

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000-099 Computer science, info & general works

030 General encyclopedic works

  • Glitch Calendar Converter — When’s Zilloween? Convert RL time to game time and vice-versa.
  • GlitchRemote — Ridiculously useful site. My favourite section is the resource calculator for any recipe in the game.
  • Glitch Wiki — Like Wikipedia for Glitchen!

052 Serials in English

300-399 Social sciences

332 Financial economics

  • Glitch Autosell — Set up auction templates to offload your bajillion metal rocks as you sleep.
  • The Glitch Market — Play the market intelligently with lots of delicious data.
  • Glutt — Hey, coupon queens and kings! Check out all the cheap stuff on auction you don’t need!

333 Land economics

  • Serious Routes — Calling all power-gatherers! Check out these high-density resource routes.

352 Public administration of local governments

378 Higher education

  • Glitch Academy — “Enroll” in efficient, continuous skill-learning with this handy tool.

384 Communications; Telecommunication

  • Gleetch — Let your Twitter friends know just how awesome you are. Gleetch auto-tweets when you level up, learn a new skill, or unlock an achievement.

700 Arts & recreation

704 Special topics

729 Design & decoration

  • Glitch DesignUr — Use this reference to make your home and home street the loveliest.

746 Textile arts

  • Glitch Mash — Vote on the swankiest of Ur’s haute couture.

900 History & geography

919 Geography & travel, other areas

  • Zog’s Inventory of Ur — Zog tells you where to find all of the animals, plots, resources, shrines, trees, vendors, and more in this comprehensive inventory.

Made with love & metadata by Cygnoir.

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