This is what I’m doing now.


I didn’t manage to finish any story drafts during the Clarion West Write-a-thon this year, so I’m working on reestablishing my daily writing discipline.

I did write a bunch of poetry for a project, and I have my writing group to thank for that: we did a writing sprint that allowed me to free-associate my way into the first draft. Four drafts later, and it was complete!


I’m blethering over at these days.


  • Library: My workload has increased significantly this month, and I am intensely grateful for my GTD system that allows me to track what everyone expects of me.
  • JDB1745: On hold while we try to access the recalcitrant database. 😔

Updated on 9 August 2018 at home in Portland, Oregon, USA.

What is all this about? For a while I tried to write weekly status posts, but some weeks I didn’t have much to report. Then I discovered the concept of the “now” page through, and it’s perfect for sharing what I am focused on right now.

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