This is what I’m doing now.

Updated on 23 September 2018 at home in Portland, Oregon, USA.


I have reinstated my practice of writing 750 words a day. Sometimes it is a terrible slog; other times I am surprised by how quickly it goes!

I am also pondering NaNoWriMo again this year … bad idea or worst idea? Ugh.

I have not been doing any JDB1745 work lately, but FunkyPlaid launched his fascinating project research blog, Little Rebellions. I particularly enjoyed his post “Why the Need for a Jacobite Database? (Part 1)”.


On the Page

On the Screen

  • “Friday Night Lights” Season 5

On the (Figurative) Turntable

In the (Literal) Game Room

Recently I played Tales of the Arabian Nights, and although I could see its potential, the random modifiers made it an unpleasant experience. We also played Kingdom Builder, which is less unpleasant, but still not my favorite game. I wish I liked it more.

On the Internet

I’m blethering over at these days, and really loving that community.

Ink o’ the Moment

What is all this about? For a while I tried to write weekly status posts, but some weeks I didn’t have much to report. Then I discovered the concept of the “now” page through, and it’s perfect for sharing what I am focused on right now.