This is what I’m doing now.

Updated on 16 December 2018 at home in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Every ounce of my mental energy is poured into my job at the library right now, so I have lost momentum on my daily writing practice. I hope to get it back in January.


On the Page

  • “Alice Isn’t Dead” by Joseph Fink

On the Screen

  • “Breaking Bad” Season 2 (my third watch, FunkyPlaid’s first)

On the (Figurative) Turntable

In the (Literal) Game Room

Lost Cities is a lot of fun! I’m also looking forward to trying Sagrada.

On the Internet

I’m blethering over at these days, and really loving that community.

Ink o’ the Moment

Diamine Skull and Roses.



What is all this about? For a while I tried to write weekly status posts, but some weeks I didn’t have much to report. Then I discovered the concept of the “now” page through, and it’s perfect for sharing what I am focused on right now.

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