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A view of Cygnoir's home in Second Life. The now of April 2020 - I missed a couple of months of “what I’m doing now” posts. I bet you can guess why. By the end of February, the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic in my small corner of the world was limited to news articles and speculation. By the end of March, I had already been working from home... Continue Reading →
The now of January 2020 - January, a fresh start, an injection of newness, 31 days or more (as it felt) still straddling multiple notebooks and planners and apps. A blur, with some emotional spikes both up and down but residual good feeling. Some newness to share: A new volunteer opportunity at the Good Neighbor Center. A new album, courtesy of... Continue Reading →
Criminy and Crivens The now of December 2019 - The big news this month is KITTENS. Meet Criminy and Crivens, whom FunkyPlaid and I adopted in mid-November from Cat Adoption Team. These stray tabby brothers were expertly fostered, so it took them no time at all to adjust to their new home with us. At their fourth-month veterinary check-in this month, they had nearly... Continue Reading →
The now of November 2019 - The way a body moves through the space of grief is confounding. At times the body is a sieve and grief is a million grains of sand. Other times the body is just a body and grief is air its lungs greet and release, greet and release. My cat has been dead for almost seven... Continue Reading →

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  • TWSBI Diamond Mini Classic (F): Colorverse Gravity Wave
  • Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point (M): TWSBI Sky Blue
  • Pilot Metropolitan (1.1mm stub): Pilot Iroshizuku Hoteison

I share my opinions on fountain pens and ink on my analog page.

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  • There is so much we must do to dismantle white supremacy. But there are so many ways to help! If you’re thinking, “I need to educate myself first,” then have I got a resource for you! Your library card is one tool in this fight. Ask me how to use it!
  • Posted @withregram • @ijeomaoluo Repost from @dopequeenpheebs • Today #BreonnaTaylor would have turned 27 years old. She would have been celebrating with friends and loved ones and just being carefree and joyful like every black person has the right to be. Instead, on March 13th, she was shot EIGHT times and killed in her home […]
  • Today I will go into the library to do my work for the first time in months. This is a concrete step in the planning we are all doing to reimagine how we serve our community. I am excited! And a little nervous. I did not sleep well last night.
  • 📚 Currently Reading: So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo Yesterday, as I obsessively watched the news, my hold on this library ebook was finally ready. It is a challenging and necessary read. I am learning so much.

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