Whoosh! The time machine of music whisked me back to 1989 Chicago with just the first few notes of “Treason” by Naked Raygun. 🎧 I do not know how the sorcery of Spotify found me out, but there I was, and here I am.

I always feel better after a walk in the sunshine. I wish I would remember that.

bright tulips in the garden

On Tuesday, I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 🩹 The vaccination process was smooth and quick. I experienced mild nausea and dizziness plus a moderate headache for ~72 hours, annoying but expected and manageable. Now I feel great!

Today’s tools: TWSBI Diamond Mini fountain pen, Goby Design pocket notebook with Field Notes inside, and an OliClip. Portable, refillable, and a joy to use.

I learned the 5D’s of bystander intervention at the Hollaback training yesterday. Distract is my go-to, and I want to get better at Document and Direct. I highly recommend this training!

Both kittens absolutely lose their minds when FunkyPlaid closes his door to record a presentation. I’m attempting to distract them, with mixed results. (Crivens will just sit here, thank you very much.)

Housing for everyone. Now.

Candace Avalos column: Our unhoused neighbors deserve a safe and clean place to sleep…

I wish Linky worked with It’s such a great app. Does anyone know how I could replicate this functionality in M.b?

Daphne odora, I love to say your name, to catch your not-quite-citrus and not-quite-vanilla scent on a rain-ridden gust. You and the ocean were my first West Coast crushes. One glimpse and I’m all right.

During my lunch break today, I passed the 75% mark on this triangle garter wrap. 🧶 Each side is now 39” long!

Join me in signing up for this bystander intervention training to stop anti-Asian/American harassment and xenophobia. It’s a one-hour interactive training that is totally free.

Masked and walking past plywood and plastic “dining rooms” encasing friends huddled together in the rainy afternoon. Perplexed and envious at the same time. The word “safe” replaced by “safer”. This moment half-bloomed.

During the drive home tonight, Vienna Teng’s “Level Up” came on. This song … Shivers every time. “If you are afraid, give more. If you are alive, give more now. Everybody here has seams and scars. So what? Level up.”

Whew, I’m loving these workdays packed with plans and promise for what comes next. And I returned home to a warm welcome from my wee family, then found out that Misophone has a new album out soon! ✨

Do you track the books you’re reading? 📚 If so, do you use pen and paper, your own website, your public library catalog, or an app like LibraryThing, The StoryGraph, Readng, or Goodreads?

Whew, 60% done and it’s looking less like a big triangle and more like a cozy wrap! 🧶 Now it warms my lap while I knit.

Comparing fountain pen nibs: Architect, calligraphy medium, 1.0mm stub, and medium. 🖋 I love all four for different reasons!

This triangle garter wrap is knitting up nicely. 🧶 Measurements indicate I’m about 40% done, and already getting some good draping action. Cozy times ahead!

knitting project in progress, garter stitch in eggplant purple

Many years ago, I had to switch to a gluten-free diet due to a medical condition. These are the resources and cookbooks that have helped me enjoy my gluten-free life! 📚 🥘

Snowy days call for comfort food! These Instant Pot mini frittatas were a bit time-intensive but yummy.

Michigander who just called the Portland snowstorm “weaksauce” on the 10 o’clock news, I love you. 😂



I made my 200% move goal … falling down the basement stairs. (I’m fine, just a little bruised!)

📚 Read: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey ★★★★☆ A solid start to a fun and fast-paced space opera. I enjoyed reading it about the same amount as watching S1 of “The Expanse” but for different reasons.

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