D got a birthday-gram from @theunipiper tonight! Our neighbors enjoyed it almost as much as we did. What a perfect Portland memory. 🥰

I know nothing about classical pianists, but Spotify told me I’d like Víkingur Ólafsson and it wasn’t wrong. But I am listening to music by this Jean-Phillippe Rameau chap at entirely the wrong time of day. “Les tourbillons” is aptly named! 🌪

I’ll never be able to repay all of the tiny kindnesses that family, friends, and coworkers are winging my way right now, but I’ll be glad to spend the rest of my life trying.

Time to cook the anxiety away! My nonna’s Bolognese sauce is on tonight’s menu. 🍝 The store was out of tomato paste so I’m reducing some tomato sauce. This kitchen smells like my childhood.

I am finally attempting to make ramen eggs! In my Instant Pot! Wish me luck (and check in tomorrow after they’ve luxuriated all night in delicious marinade).

Following the great example of some Micronauts, I’m going to start sharing what I’m grateful for and what I’m looking forward to.

Today I’m grateful for another trip around the sun! 🌞 I’m looking forward to spending the day with @FunkyPlaid. 💑

Sometimes all I want to do is play Little Computer People (Activision, 1987). It made me so happy and no other game (no, not even The Sims) has come close to it, in my opinion.