📚 William Gibson’s “Agency” update: Just hit the part of the book where my brain has rewired itself enough to understand what is going on without having to reread every third sentence. Also known as 20% in. Also known as a heady, nerdy rush of love for science fiction.

Also, this month’s digital detox has been excellent for my mental health. I’ve been spending quality time reading, journaling, chatting, doodling, and generally feeling less spun-up about every little thing. I have not vanquished the FOMO, but it is getting easier to ignore.

I’m spending this week helping out with interviews, which has been such a fun and illuminating process. But I’m missing my library! I was grateful for the library board meeting last night, a perfect end to a long workday. Now recharging with tea, kittens, and @FunkyPlaid.