Starting Line

In December of 2009, I was fed up with my lumpy, out-of-shape self. My marathon-running friend Peter suggested running to me, but I could not see myself as a runner. I was far from athletic; in elementary school, I was nearly held back because of my lack of physical coordination.

Then one morning I downloaded a Couch to 5K® app for my phone and headed out.

The training takes nine weeks. I finished it in just under three years.1

But I finished it. Technically, I finished it as I was finishing my first 5K race. My friends and family have been incredibly supportive of me throughout this bizarre and wonderful journey, and I am so grateful.

Going the Distance

Race Results & Reports

Good Gear

  • Shoes: Asics GT-2000
  • Training & Motivation: Runkeeper2

Handy Links

Recommended Reading

1. There were many stops and starts due to chronic illness, career changes, a wedding, grad school, and an international relocation. So under normal circumstances it really shouldn’t take that long.

2. There are many apps and sites for running motivation, tracking, and sharing. The ones I’ve tried are DailyMile, Endomondo, Fitocracy, Garmin Connect, Gipis, MapMyRun, Nike+, RunmeterRuntastic, Strava, and Zombies, Run!