This week.

Life That was quite a week, wasn’t it? Someone’s been busy. All I did was go to work, get a haircut, and try not to lose my damned mind over every New York Times app notification. Even my trusty Lamy 2000 fell apart. At least Zen has had a great week. In between “spa treatments” (read: subcutaneousContinue reading “This week.”

Day 335 of Project 365: American breakfast.

I got a little more sleep last night but still not enough to fully replenish my depleted reserves of patience and compassion. I stayed late at work again, then evening traffic was stupid so I stopped off at Fred Meyer for a spot of grocery shopping and ended up wandering the aisles, looking for weirdness.Continue reading “Day 335 of Project 365: American breakfast.”

Day 293 of Project 365: This nasty woman votes.

I largely avoid discussing politics here. It’s a conscious choice to keep this space clear of incontinent trolls who cannot help but spew ill-reasoned bile all over any corner of the Internet that grabs their attention. But tonight, during the final presidential debate, the Republican nominee for President of the United States called Hillary ClintonContinue reading “Day 293 of Project 365: This nasty woman votes.”

Day 225 of Project 365: A very American thing.

I have a few things to say about today’s photo. First of all, had I been on the Duck Tape® board of directors (a career goal I did not know that I had until this very moment) the marketing department would not have had to sell this very hard to me. I probably would haveContinue reading “Day 225 of Project 365: A very American thing.”

Day 38 of Project 365: Choice paralysis.

I thought I had prepared myself for possible points of reverse culture shock. Then I wandered into the candy aisle of our local Walgreens, pictured bottom-right in today’s photo. All I wanted was a pack of mints. There were so many different mints to choose from, and they were right next to a million candyContinue reading “Day 38 of Project 365: Choice paralysis.”

Day 26 of Project 365: Soft landing.

First things first: Zen is safely with us. When I posted yesterday’s photo, I was pretty worked up about Zen being stranded in Newark, but I knew that I wouldn’t be of any use if I didn’t try to get some sleep until the morning. I had barely drifted off when the landline rang. FunkyPlaidContinue reading “Day 26 of Project 365: Soft landing.”

On villains and vengeance.

Earlier today, I had this half-formed thought that I shared on Twitter: “The danger of basing national pride on the vanquishing of enemies is that it requires an endless supply of enemies to maintain.” “Enemies” is a word I used to make a point. We allow politicians and media to use this word to categorizeContinue reading “On villains and vengeance.”

Some links about the potential U.S. government shutdown.

As I was doing some research this morning, I found some links about the potential U.S. government shutdown that you might find useful. Live coverage from BBC News and CNN What’s Closed — And What’s Not — In A Shutdown (NPR): This is a thorough rundown on what the immediate repercussions will be. United StatesContinue reading “Some links about the potential U.S. government shutdown.”

eight years ago

In remembrance of 9/11, I am sharing these excerpts from my written reactions eight years ago. From 11 September 2001, “the act itself”: On the way to work I heard a cor­re­spon­dent on the radio say some­thing about how the act itself was shock­ing, but the fact that it hap­pened was not. This is theContinue reading “eight years ago”