I thought I had prepared myself for possible points of reverse culture shock. Then I wandered into the candy aisle of our local Walgreens, pictured bottom-right in today's photo. All I wanted was a pack of mints. There were so many different mints to choose from, and they were right next to a million candy... Continue Reading →

First things first: Zen is safely with us. When I posted yesterday's photo, I was pretty worked up about Zen being stranded in Newark, but I knew that I wouldn't be of any use if I didn't try to get some sleep until the morning. I had barely drifted off when the landline rang. FunkyPlaid... Continue Reading →

On villains and vengeance.

Earlier today, I had this half-formed thought that I shared on Twitter: "The danger of basing national pride on the vanquishing of enemies is that it requires an endless supply of enemies to maintain." "Enemies" is a word I used to make a point. We allow politicians and media to use this word to categorize... Continue Reading →

Some links about the potential U.S. government shutdown.

As I was doing some research this morning, I found some links about the potential U.S. government shutdown that you might find useful. Live coverage from BBC News and CNN What's Closed — And What's Not — In A Shutdown (NPR): This is a thorough rundown on what the immediate repercussions will be. United States... Continue Reading →

eight years ago

In remembrance of 9/11, I am sharing these excerpts from my written reactions eight years ago. From 11 September 2001, "the act itself": On the way to work I heard a cor­re­spon­dent on the radio say some­thing about how the act itself was shock­ing, but the fact that it hap­pened was not. This is the... Continue Reading →

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