I'm experimenting with some additions to my Bullet Journal, some functional and some just for fun. Clockwise from the upper left: a rubber stamp to add some flair in a boring corner; a weekly list that I tipped in with washi tape; and a sticker from an ephemera set I found at Flax Art & Design... Continue Reading →

As part of an ongoing attempt to wrangle my ever-growing task list, I have been searching for a simple way to earmark important tasks that may get buried in the Bullet Journal format. Then I remembered Book Darts, little pieces of paper-thin metal that slide onto the edge of a page. Every morning, I slip a Book Dart next to each of the... Continue Reading →

I'm embracing the season-appropriate inks today. J. Herbin's Stormy Grey -- their 1670 Anniversary Ink from 2014 -- is a lovely deep grey with gold flecks. Writing from: my study in Portland, Oregon. Listening to: the pilot episode of "iZombie".

I love my notebook, but on days like today I worry that my analog to-do list isn't capable of handling everything I throw at it. Occasionally I flirt with a digital task manager ... And then I think of all of the ink I'd be missing out on. Writing from: my study in Portland. Listening... Continue Reading →

I managed a little hand-lettering practice before bed tonight. Cristina Vanko's "Hand-Lettering for Everyone" is great stuff, especially for the typography basics. Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper Pen: Conklin All-American (1.1mm italic nib) Paper: Bloc Rhodia No. 16 Writing from: my study in Portland. Listening to: the freight trains.

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