Avoid, embrace meal planning: success!

I am sold on this meal-planning gig. Not only did I successfully make three meals last week -- counting last night in last week because one of the meals was postponed -- but I brought snacks to work every single day. I did not, however, manage to get my tea-making system set up at work... Continue Reading →

Avoid, embrace meal planning.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am attempting to exhaustion-proof my kitchen by planning meals out in advance and stocking up on healthy snacks and lunches. I have been resistant to meal-planning because I avoid creating additional structure around my diet so I can act like I still have a little freedom despite the... Continue Reading →

Avoiding, embracing email: one week later

Here is my one-week check-in for my Avoid, Embrace project on email. So far, the biggest change I have made is in filtering out forwards into their own folder. In Gmail, I used this filter to do the trick: from:(email address of forwarder | email address of another forwarder) to:(-my email address) Do this: Skip... Continue Reading →

Avoid, embrace the email situation.

Next up in my Avoid, Embrace project: the email situation. Step one: write about something I have been avoiding. My email is now not a tool but a situation. I have ActiveInbox chugging along, filing things away merrily so that I have Inbox Zero. This is nice. What is not nice is the 132 emails... Continue Reading →

Avoid, Embrace: Not an epiphany.

The result of my first Avoid, Embrace exercise was not the epiphany I wanted. No great photos were taken. I am only posting this one because it is heavily post-processed.I rushed through this, I admit. I didn't take any great photos because I didn't linger. But something good did happen: I didn't feel bad while... Continue Reading →

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