Avoid, Embrace.

So Fancypants McGillicuddy here decides to start a New Project, not like she doesn’t have enough going on at the moment, but it is a New Project and she can hardly resist the lure of the New Project, so fresh and unspoiled by reality, and also she can hardly resist speaking in the third person, at least for a paragraph.

The New Project is this idea I have had rolling around in the brainmeats for a few weeks now. Health Month does a good job of keeping me accountable for three daily goals I think are important this month (or did last week when I set the goals, at least): taking a multivitamin, writing in my private journal, and getting thirty minutes of exercise. But there are things I want to track that are more ephemeral, yet still quite crucial to things like Health and Sanity.

If I waited to start this until I had it all figured out, I’d never start it. So here goes with the first day of the New Project. It is called Avoid, Embrace.

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