That’s just nuts.

Thank you, virtual birthday party attendees. It was both a hoot and a holler to celebrate my thirty-mumbleth year with you. Seven straight hours of cam-streaming and IRC-chatting, not to mention the rampant Facebook-wishing. But the party did not stop there. On Friday, my friends threw me a surprise party. Offline, even! It was glorious.... Continue Reading →

Virtual Birthday Party!

It is my birthday today, and I would like to spend it in the company of my friends. Current technology can only go so far, but I am leveraging that little bit of it to celebrate it virtually with as many folks as possible.Since I am old, this is going to be old-school: starting at... Continue Reading →

birthday gift

After most of a year of debating the exact method in which I would get in shape I was no closer to choosing one, let alone sticking with it. I had sampled a few different options and discarded most of them as impractical, prohibitively expensive, or both. All I could decide on was the fact... Continue Reading →

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