It's always a good day when there is a package from Mako in the post, not least because of the awesome illustrations. Here is one that arrived today with a pair of earbuds. Writing from: my study. Listening to: Zen pad around on little paws.

Today a shark sent me a swan! It's a chalkboard, so it's lovely and functional. I can't wait to hang it in my new study and chalk it up. Writing from: my study. Listening to: "Somewhere Tonight" by Beach House.

In my haste to submit a story for critique by my writing group, I almost forgot all about Project 365. That means you get a hastily-snapped "here is something on my desk" photo. While my friend Sharks was visiting last month, we spent some memorable days tooling around Edinburgh, chatting and poking our noses into... Continue Reading →

Black swans surfing. Sometimes we don't struggle against the current. Sometimes we just go with the flow. Writing from: bed, with the electric blanket on, both kitties in attendance. Listening to: the wind, which sounds like ocean surf.

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