I accidentally ingested gluten today from a restaurant that FunkyPlaid and I really like that has items marked "gluten-free" on their menu. When this happens I am always torn between never eating at a restaurant again and wanting to be a normal human being. Stupid disease. When this happens the best thing I can do is drink... Continue Reading →

Celiac Awareness Month

In March 2008, I stopped eating gluten for medical reasons, and (with a few transgressions) haven't looked back. OK, I've looked back in anger -- like the play, not the Oasis song -- but for the most part, I am very grateful to have had such a straightforward and relatively easy way to address my... Continue Reading →

the state of the gut

Since I am currently struggling with a stomach bug, and quickly approaching my first gluten-free anniversary, a "state of the gut" address seemed appropriate. On 23 March 2008, I began a gluten-free diet to alleviate gluten intolerance, possibly Celiac Disease. (I say "possibly" because I have not yet been able to go back on gluten so... Continue Reading →

grateful for health

This morning, I succumbed to the summer cold that's traipsing around, so it might seem strange to write about being grateful for my health. The fact remains that my health is better than it has been in years, and all because I traced the source of most of my nagging problems to ingesting gluten.  (This... Continue Reading →

three months of salad

After three months of a gluten-free diet, I can safely say that I am tired of this brave new salad-riddled world and want to go home, my fluffy pastry home with the doughnut doorknob.Initially, I was more than happy to give up gluten if it meant feeling good again. There is no question that even... Continue Reading →

sick feels me

I awoke to the shaky, bad-gut feeling of my days with gluten: each stretch of intestine its own serpent, stick-poked and salivating and wanting out.   Slamming behind my left eyesocket was the quickened tattoo of my blood: dah-duh-tump, dah-duh-tump.  "I feel sick" doesn't cover it on these days, that tepid stain of a phrase.  Sick... Continue Reading →

RSSless: day 7

This will be brief, because I am extremely ill today due to accidentally ingesting gluten in last night's dinner. The worst part is that I dread eating the next day so much I tend to avoid it until I can't anymore, and then scarf something vaguely disgusting down just to have some nutrition. Clearly I... Continue Reading →


The last thing I want to write about is the first thing on my mind these days. For the past couple of years, I have suffered from a ghost illness I self-diagnosed as "stress-related", with symptoms that include gastrointestinal distress, severe headaches, extreme fatigue, and inexplicable mood-swings. Though my two major sources of stress (my... Continue Reading →

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