sick feels me

I awoke to the shaky, bad-gut feeling of my days with gluten: each stretch of intestine its own serpent, stick-poked and salivating and wanting out.   Slamming behind my left eyesocket was the quickened tattoo of my blood: dah-duh-tump, dah-duh-tump.  "I feel sick" doesn't cover it on these days, that tepid stain of a phrase.  Sick... Continue Reading →

RSSless: day 7

This will be brief, because I am extremely ill today due to accidentally ingesting gluten in last night's dinner. The worst part is that I dread eating the next day so much I tend to avoid it until I can't anymore, and then scarf something vaguely disgusting down just to have some nutrition. Clearly I... Continue Reading →


The last thing I want to write about is the first thing on my mind these days. For the past couple of years, I have suffered from a ghost illness I self-diagnosed as "stress-related", with symptoms that include gastrointestinal distress, severe headaches, extreme fatigue, and inexplicable mood-swings. Though my two major sources of stress (my... Continue Reading →

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