Day 350 of Project 365: Box of Christmas cheer.

A beautiful box of Christmas cheer from my dad and stepmom was waiting for me when I arrived home. It could not have come at a better time; with FunkyPlaid away I haven’t felt much holiday spirit this year, and last week’s weather foiled two of my planned holiday outings. Then this week’s weather causedContinue reading “Day 350 of Project 365: Box of Christmas cheer.”

Edinburgh at Christmas.

I wasn’t feeling particularly creative today, so I went with the Holidailies prompt, which is: “What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?” You likely already know that I am FunkyPlaid-less this holiday season. (I am also currently Internet-less, which is nearly as dire.) Right now I am not looking forward to muchContinue reading “Edinburgh at Christmas.”

The sock monkey wishes you a Merry Christmas Eve-Eve.

As my plan to get a tree fell through yesterday, I decided to wake up early and get one this morning. I have no method of conveyance so this was destined to be a small tree, but that’s okay. A tree is a tree, and although I had been avoiding it — as if gettingContinue reading “The sock monkey wishes you a Merry Christmas Eve-Eve.”

“The Sugarplum Favor” — a Christmas story by Tad Williams

I hope you are enjoying the holiday, Festivus, Winterval, or whatever you consider this period of time. I am spending it mostly unplugged, an important thing I do not do often enough, but I had to plug back in to share this with you. I have been an avid fan of Tad Williams since discoveringContinue reading ““The Sugarplum Favor” — a Christmas story by Tad Williams”

On “Community” and Christmas episodes.

When I heard that “Community” was doing a stop-motion Christmas episode, I started to worry. No, scratch that, I didn’t worry at all. If any show right now could do this idea justice, it would be this one. And it did. Normally I avoid treading into the territory of others’ opinions, but when I readContinue reading “On “Community” and Christmas episodes.”

a photo a day, day 26

For the photo a day meme: a photo of you at Christmastime. This was taken five years ago by my friend and former coworker AJ while we trimmed the Christmas tree. One of the best parts of working at that library was trimming the tree in our lobby each year. I have always loved holidayContinue reading “a photo a day, day 26”

on holidayspeak

Yesterday, I tweeted: “In response to someone wishing me a merry Christmas, I said it back instead of wishing him happy holidays. I hope no one reports me.” As is usual for me, I neglected to be specific enough in 140 characters or less, and should have added a very important word to my tweet:Continue reading “on holidayspeak”