Smacked down with a jagged little head-cold. Some bits from my phone, remnants of my desultory search for spring ... A mark on a lamppost. A squadron of daffodils besieging the links. A shrubbery unconvinced by spring's opening argument.

Where do you find comfort, in the beloved memories of the past or the hopeful possibilities of the future? Meerkats at the Edinburgh Zoo: manic philosopher-kings.

HIDWtS: Thanksgiving in Scotland.

This Thanksgiving edition of How I Decide Where to Sit is dedicated to reviewing all the rookie mistakes one can make when riding public transit in a new city for the first time, because it is kind of like what the Pilgrims did when they-- no. Even I can't torture that metaphor. It is dedicated... Continue Reading →

Mental map, one month in.

I've been in Edinburgh a month already! Really? Really. So I thought it might be time to draw a mental map. The trees here don't look anything like that. And I didn't know how to draw the building we live in without taking up the entire lower-third of the map, so you get a Monopoly... Continue Reading →

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