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Here are my prandial accomplishments and yearnings.

hello again

“Hardly?” she asked, knocking on the door of my office.

“Halsted,” I prompted.

She smiled. “Close.”

Hardly, I thought.


The best part of hearing stories about your boyfriend when he was younger is that you finally get to connect those wiggly dots, the ones that you couldn’t focus on until someone helped you see the line. Aha, you think. So that’s where that mischievous grin comes from.


Every time I get off the ferry in the city, I think about taking a taxi home. But I don’t do it. I wonder why I think about it every single time if I don’t do it. Now I’ll think about it because I’ve put words to it.


Hello again.

super supper

I am finding it extremely difficult to start writing about the birthday meal we shared last night. The MSG truly outdid himself by creating this dish pictured at right, incorporating three of my favorite foods: Tom Kha Braised Crab With Morels. We drove down to … Continue reading super supper

successful recipes

Christmas dinner was splendid. Since Thursday evening, the MSG and I have been cleaning, decorating, cooking and baking for Saturday. At the farmer’s market, we found a gorgeous holiday bough of pine, eucalyptus and mistletoe that I fastened to the central pole of the MSG‘s spiral staircase so it would greet our guests with its fresh scent as soon as they entered. Also around the pole, I wove a few strands of tiny white icicle lights, which draped around the bough and lit up the foyer cheerily.

We made two batches of cornbread for the stuffing, which also contained andouille and chipotles. I baked my pumpkin cheesecake with maple-bourbon sauce, the one I’ve been tetchily describing for the past few weeks, and it turned out very well. (I’m listening to the MSG and his mom rave over it on the phone right now. Hee.)

The MSG cooked the twenty-pound turkey to perfection; its carcass is providing us with homemade soup as I write this, the pungent scent of bird and mirepoix wafting through the space. We also made smashed Papa Amarilla potatoes with toasted garlic. One of the MSG‘s aunts made a sweet potato casserole, and his mom made a wonderful salad with frisee, endive, pomegranate seeds, slices of persimmon, walnut oil and sherry.

I was thrilled that my cheesecake was paired with an ’88 Château le Barradis Monbazillac, which made the pumpkin stand out even more, and brightened the maple notes in the sauce. The MSG‘s family sure knows (and loves) their wines. For that, and for much more, I adore them all, and had so much fun. Part of me is a bit surprised that we pulled it off, but mostly I’m just enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of Graffeo coffee before I start making my special fried-egg sandwiches for brunch. First, I promised you all a recipe, and so here it is. For the pumpkin puree, I highly recommend pre-ordering from Boulette’s Larder in the ferry building.

oven puke

Note to self: my killer meatloaf recipe does not play well with ground un-meat for vegetarians. Although I gave it a good shot, it was pretty gross. I mean, it tasted okay, but it looked like the oven puked into a casserole dish. And I need to go easy on the milk part of the mashed sweet potatoes. Just say no to baby food.

Thankfully, the chocolate chip cookies made up for dinner’s shortcomings.

I think I’ll make Monday nights my official Try Not To Kill The Vegetarian Flatmate With My Cooking Experiments nights. Do you have any good recipe suggestions for next week? I’m focusing on ingredients I can purchase at the farmer’s market.