Day 213 of Project 365: Tea time.

Look, I left the house today. I didn’t want to do it (not true) but I did it (true). It was looking like a whole three-day weekend spent hiding inside (except for nature) and despite expecting myself to do something social (like making at least two seconds of eye contact with another human being) IContinue reading “Day 213 of Project 365: Tea time.”

Day 23 of Project 365: The procession of lamps.

Tonight our farewell to some friends at our local pub ended with FunkyPlaid and I giving away most of our (UK-wired) lamps. Watching them file out the door, toting lamps and shades and bulbs, gave us a serious case of the giggles. If you have to say goodbye to people you adore, which in thisContinue reading “Day 23 of Project 365: The procession of lamps.”

Day 17 of Project 365: At the heart.

At dinner with dear friends tonight the subject of friendship came up, and I was startled to realise that I have no definition for it. Maybe I never did. I know a lot less about life than I thought I did when I started keeping this journal. That fascinates me: I’ve lived for eighteen yearsContinue reading “Day 17 of Project 365: At the heart.”

Day 12 of Project 365: The church of Savour.

When I eat, I am present. Thoughts do not intrude in this space, reverent as they are in the church of Savour. Tonight’s service was Highland venison loin, shredded beef cheek, smoked celeriac, and parsnips. I wonder if someday I’ll have the resolve to try a vegetarian diet. Then I have dishes like this oneContinue reading “Day 12 of Project 365: The church of Savour.”

Day 10 of Project 365: The Ormiston Yew Tree.

Choosing today’s photo was more difficult than usual but I settled on one of an ancient yew tree that John Knox purportedly preached under because … well … that. Knox is not pictured, but I did leave in a human and a wee dachshund for scale. This is the magical Ormiston Yew Tree. It isContinue reading “Day 10 of Project 365: The Ormiston Yew Tree.”

State of the expat: not-quite-new.

The second phase of adjustment to expat life has been harder. Little things, differences I once found charming, irritate me or depress me. Turns of phrase I’ve picked up sound fake wrapped in my accent. Running, once a joy, has become a chore. My creative life is clogged, hunched around a few untidy drafts thatContinue reading “State of the expat: not-quite-new.”