All I want for the mandated festive period is …


I will post an actual Holidailies entry soon, but I just had to share one of my favourite pick-me-ups.

Cocktails for Two


History of lyrics that aren’t lyrics.


This is a clever medley! History Of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics – YouTube (via ze frank).

Feminist Ryan Gosling.


There is so much to like about Feminist Ryan Gosling. This is one of my favorites.

Her drunk kitchen.


The last time I got completely buzzed while making dinner, I had an idea for a silly video show. Harto beat me to it, and that is totally okay with me.

Watch the rest here.

Get your knees flexin’ and your arms T-rexin’.


This is not news, but it’s a Lonely Island video, so I had to post it. Also: hilarious. (via Mako)

Who the Hell is Arcade Fire? (The Song)


It’s one thing not to know of a band, and another thing entirely to trash them because they won an award you wish someone else had won.

Listen to this song and let the healing begin.

FOX’s Traffic Light: How to Make Lying Unfunny

Traffic Light

I didn’t plan on watching FOX’s new show “Traffic Light” last night on Hulu, but I was trying to switch my brain off after a particularly intense round of homework. Little did I know that those twenty-two minutes would annoy me enough for me to write a review.

There are many things I could say about “Traffic Light”, many things that I hope other, better reviewers will say. Right now, my annoyance is focused on how “Traffic Light” sucks all the funniness out of lying.

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The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator


The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator, via Poets & Writers Magazine: My favorite is Germs, Steel, & Guns: A Slightly Reorganized Version of That Other Book.

You know what my favorite show is?


You know what my favorite show is?

I wish I had proper attribution for this; I saw it on Plurk.